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But it was just another version of Pinterest to me.And, unfortunately, the users voted with their feet." JP: "I was suddenly at a point where I was asking 'what's next?SP: "I think it was inevitable, it was always going to decline, and it's amazing it carried on as long as it did.They pivoted it, when DC Thomson bought it they turned it into a memory picture board. I must admit, I thought it was brave, they spent a lot of money and time and effort on it.

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We were programmers, [but] we always had this entrepreneurial spirit, you know, always coming up with ideas, making stuff for people.

Then, a series of events, chance encounters, or bouts of nostalgia suddenly threw them back into each other's lives. Maybe you've been dreaming about your high school or college crush, daydreaming and wondering the question "what if?

" Does the idea of friends reunited dating really seem so farfetched?

It turned out to be difficult selling the site to a new generation of users, who weren’t growing up knowing what it meant to lose track of friends.

ITV eventually sold Friends to Beano publisher DC Thomson for £25m in 2009, but a 2012 redesign was widely disliked. And while its spinoff sites – especially geneology site Genes Reunited – remain popular and profitable, it's still a surprise I wanted to know what it was like to be the creator of a website that was a cultural phenomenon – and why they'd want to try and save it, having walked away almost a decade ago.

Maybe the girl who dated your best friend always had a special place in your heart, and you silently loved her from a distance. In the movies, reunions often bring love that lasts happily ever after. Have you run into that old friend and felt something brewing between the two of you underneath the surface?